27aThis area of the website brings together resources and information you may find useful if fieldwork is part of your teaching.

A wide range of resources are included, from papers and case studies to news articles and apps. We have also divided them into two sections – Beginner and Advanced.


If you are new to fieldwork, or to new using technology in fieldwork, these resources could give you some ideas and starting points for planning fieldwork or for introducing technology into your fieldwork.

Have a look at the Case Studies page, which brings together case studies of technology use in fieldwork. A number of these case studies are available in the book Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Using Mobile Technologies (2015) Springer Briefs.

Academic fieldwork: six ways to make it work on a budget. Alice Mauchline, Katharine Welsh, Derek France, Julian Park, and Brian Whalley (2012).

The Apps page brings together apps for use on a mobile phone or tablet which could be used in fieldwork teaching. With a range of apps covering activities from data recording to species identification it could be a starting point to using technology in the field.

IMG_0122If you are thinking about using mobile phones and / or tablets in the field the following may be of interest:

External resources

Designing effective fieldwork for the Environmental and Natural Sciences. This comprehensive guide by Maskall and Stokes (2007) outlines how to design effective fieldwork for students.

A series of Slideshare Presentations from the MoRSE project (Kingston University) related to mobile learning and fieldwork.