Event reports can give those who didn’t attend an event the opportunity to find out about the ideas and pedagogies discussed. This page brings together reports from past EFL events.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event, 2021

The 11th Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase was online due to continued COVID-19 restrictions. The main themes were around ideas of supporting Diversity, Inclusivity and Employability in fieldwork; Fieldwork Skills for All. This Wakelet #Fieldwork4All curates the Twitter conversations during the event. The recordings from the 2021 webinar are now available on YouTube. Many thanks to all the speakers for sharing their talks.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event, 8th September 2020

The 10th Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase was online due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The topic was #fieldworkfix – solutions to teaching fieldwork in a pandemic. The following blog post about the event was written by Janine Maddison. The recordings from the webinar are now available on YouTube. Many thanks to all the speakers for such a great series of talks and thanks to @drtrevorcollins for editing the recordings.


Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event, 12/13th September 2019

The 9th Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase was held at the University of Reading and linked up with the Celebrations of 50 years of Botany Masters at the University of Reading.

2019 EFL showcase

Please read more about the event on this BES Teaching and Learning SIG blog post. The slides from all talks are available at this link, a summary of the day’s tweets at this second link.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event, 3-4th September 2018

The 8th Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase was held at the University of Leeds and was hosted by Julie Peacock and Karen Bacon in the School of Geography. The event was sponsored by the Education, Training and Careers Committee of the BES, Water@Leeds and ESRI UK.

The 2018 Showcase event included a series of short presentations, field demonstrations of innovative field teaching, practical demonstrations of landscape visualisations, a horizon scanning exercise and (for the first time!) a live link-up to the field with Trevor Collins on the Access Anglesey Field Trip.
The full programme is available here and all talks are available on SlideShare. Reflections and photos from the participants on Twitter #efls18.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event, 2017, 8-9th September 2017


See the 2017 Showcase report here or visit our Slideshare page.

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 2016, 12-13th September 2016, Whiteknights campus, The University of Reading

The 6th Annual Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase was attended by 29 academics, students and learning technologists and, building on the previous Showcases, the event aimed to share ideas and practice with regards to innovative field and laboratory Teaching and Learning, with a particular emphasis on the use of technology in the field. The programme consisted of a mixture of plenary talks, short research talks, interactive field demonstrations, workshops and open discussion sessions. The overall theme was Imagery in the Field and delegates offered talks of relevance to this theme.

Images from the Showcase taken using microscopes attached to iPads in the field can be viewed here: http://www.instagram.com/fieldwork_ntf. A summary of the meeting can be found on Twitter .

EFL2015Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 2015, 7th – 8th September 2015, Isis Education Centre, Hyde Park, London

Supported by the British Ecological Society, the Society for Experimental Biology and the Isis Education Centre at Hyde Park the 2015 showcase met in the centre of Hype Park, London, to discuss field teaching across the biosciences and geosciences. Delegates considered the uses of social media for fieldwork and how podcasts and student made videos could encourage critical thinking and student engagement. Accessible fieldtrips were also considered and how 3D avatar-based virtual field trips could complement a field trip.

More about the 2015 showcase through storify.

EFL2014Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 2014, 12th – 14th September 2014, Margham Discovery Centre, Port Talbot, South Wales

The 2014 showcase covered a wide range of technologies in fieldwork. Delegates had the opportunity to consider how social media could be used in field courses and also produce short instructional videos about fieldwork. A number of apps for use in fieldwork learning were demonstrated, including the EpiCollect and Numbers apps which can be used for data collection. Delegates also had the opportunity to discuss how apps and iPads could be built into fieldwork project design.

Follow the activities at the 2014 showcase through storify.

EFL2013Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 2013 – 13th-15th September 2013, FSC Rhyd-y-Creuau, Betws y Coed, Snowdonia National Park

The event showcased a number of simple technologies which can enhance fieldwork learning e.g. how to shoot and edit videos using only a smartphone, applications of iPads in fieldwork. . The event was hands-on, active and largely outdoors with short thunderstorm presentations to introduce the relevant sessions.

Follow what happened at the 2013 showcase through storify

efl2012Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 2012, 14th-16th September 2012 FSC Preston Montford, Shropshire

The 2013 showcase highlighted a range of technologies which could be used in fieldwork, such as digital ID guides, Fotobabble, GPS Log, real time data and a clinometer on the iPad. Delegates were introduced to digital storytelling and an Apple app called Splice which can be used to produce short videos. Various practices used in a variety of field courses were demonstrated, including digital hypsometers for measuring tree height, Virtual Field Guides and digital field notebooks including using the apps Skitch and Notability, both available on the iPad.

Photographs from the event can be found on flickr:

You can follow what happened at the 2012 showcase through Storify.

Transforming Departmental Fieldwork Practice Workshop, 10th – 11th July 2012, Hornton Grange Conference Centre, Birmingham

This workshop was sponsored by The Higher Education Academy and co-ordinated the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning team.

The Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project aims to enhance student learning experiences in fieldwork through the use of technology such as Smartphones, digital cameras and social media. The aim of the Transforming Departmental Fieldwork Practice Workshop was to develop, support and facilitate change in departmental fieldwork practice through a workshop. Teams from the University of Southampton, University of West of England, Bournemouth University and the Field Studies Council came together to work on their individual project ideas and to gather feedback from other teams.

The event had 3 specific objectives which where to:

  • Develop departmental projects
  • Explore ways of enhancing fieldwork
  • Share ideas and learning from each otherThe event included a range of discussions including reflections of fieldwork practice, creative thinking about projects, technology enhanced fieldwork, and the liquid café approach. The workshop also involved team work and the sharing of ideas, as well as presentations throughout the event.

EFL2011Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase Event 16th-18th September 2011, Margam Discovery Centre, Port Talbot, South Wales

The first showcase event aimed to create a programme which captured how technologies were being used in Geography, Earth science, Environmental science and Bioscience by inviting practitioners both inside and outside of academia to submit abstracts. A range of technologies were discussed and demonstrated including Gigapan, QR Codes, digital storytelling, podcasting, Google Docs, FieldMove software, local wireless networks, not withstanding a large range of apps suitable for using the iPad2 on field courses.