IMG_0901The Enhancing Fieldwork Learning project focussed on supporting teaching in the field. However a number of the resources available through the project website would be of use to students in both learning and undertaking research in the field.

The resources and information on this page aim to support student learning in the field. More resources aimed at students are available from the student research page.

The Apps page of the website brings together apps for use on a mobile phone or tablet which could be of use in the field. With a range of apps covering activities from data recording to species identification.

Digital stories – a collection of still images, audio and video – have been used for assessment and can work well in fieldwork activities. The following paper provides practical advice and guidance to students on how to create the best digital stories for assessment: How to Produce a Digital Story. Derek France  and Kelly Wakefield (2011), Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 35 (4), 617-623.

The Whiteknights Biodiversity Blog is an example of a crowd sourced blog, contributed to by students.