IMG_0111 (800x600)In this section of the website we have collated resources and information focussing on undertaking research into teaching and learning in fieldwork – pedagogic research. The research resources are divided into two sections – Beginners and Advanced.

If you are involved in fieldwork in your own research have a look at the teaching and apps pages for resources that may be of interest for your fieldwork.


Just starting out in pedagogic research in fieldwork? These resources could give you an introduction to the types of research undertaken and give you some ideas for methodologies and evaluation criteria.

Case studies will often have a focus on evaluation and reflection of a teaching practice, have a look at the case studies section of the website to get some ideas.

Enhancing fieldwork learning with technology: practitioner’s perspectives. Katharine E. Welsh , Alice L. Mauchline , Julian R. Park , W. Brian Whalley and Derek France (2013). Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37 (3), 399-415.

The Fieldwork Audit Tool (pdf) has been designed to allow you to examine and develop current fieldwork practice by highlighting strengths and weaknesses. It could also give you a starting point for research and thinking about how to evaluate your fieldwork practice.

External resources

The following resources could be a useful source of information if you are thinking about undertaking pedagogic research in relation to fieldwork, from designing your research and collecting data to writing a case study or paper on your work. Some of these resources are freely available, some may require registration or access through your institution.

Getting started with Pedagogic Research within STEM disciplines – a guide which aims to take teaching staff through various aspects of pedagogic research.

Data collection for pedagogic research explores the issues involved in collecting data in small scale teaching and learning projects.

Pedagogic research in geography higher education. Haigh, M., Cotton, D. and Hall, T. (2015) Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 39 (3).

Pedagogic research methods in geography higher education. Cousin, G. and Healy, M. (2003) Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 27(3).

The National HE STEM Programme have a range of resources about pedagogic research including a section of their website focussing on Developing Pedagogic Research. See also Supporting Pedagogic Research from the University of Birmingham.