Fieldwork is an essential form of learning in many geoscience and bioscience subjects. It provides an interesting, active and exciting part of the overall student experience, as well as a range of subject specific and generic skills.

However, fieldwork can be an “expensive” and time-consuming activity, so it is important that maximum learning benefits are gained from activities in the field. The Enhancing Fieldwork Learning (EFL) project focus is on using affordable, ubiquitous technologies such as iPads, digital cameras and social networks and apps to enhance learning and engagement in the field, to ensure that students are well prepared for the field, and to make full use of the experience in the post-field phase. The project aims to link pedagogy with recent technological advances, and engagement and dissemination are important aspects of the project.

The EFLBES logo project was originally undertaken as part of the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme managed by the Higher Education Academy between 2010 and 2013. The project is now supported by the British Ecological Society

Anyone can get involved, the team offers an annual programme of events, a support network of friendly contacts when trying to work out which kit to buy, how to convince budget holders and how to ensure learners are able to make the best use of the opportunities available.

Read about our previous events and please join us in September for our annual Showcase event to discuss the creative ways fieldwork teaching activities can be enhanced through the use of innovative technologies. Take a look now at some of the brilliant innovative ideas from the fieldwork community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic: #fieldworkfix.

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