Project Team

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Professors Derek France (Chester), Julian Park (Reading) and Brian Whalley (QUB, now Sheffield) were awarded National Teaching Fellowships in 2008 and a 3 year (2010-13) cross-disciplinary HEA-funded project ‘Enhancing Fieldwork Learning’ (EFL).
Dr Katharine Welsh (Chester) joined as a full-time researcher in 2010 and Dr Alice Mauchline (Reading) in 2011.
We also had 3 fixed-term members; two student partners, Anthony Cliffe (now LJMU), Alex Lerczak and Dr Victoria Powell (maternity cover) who contributed to several conferences, workshops and publications.


L-R: Dr Victoria Powell, Dr Katharine Welsh, Dr Alice Mauchline, Professor Derek France, Professor Julian Park, Professor Brian Whalley

Our aims and objectives

The objectives of the EFL team are to identify, evaluate and disseminate good practice in fieldwork environments by:

i) promoting the effective use of digital technologies and mobile devices to enhance student learning and tutor participation
ii) enabling and encouraging students to use their own devices and apps effectively in diverse learning environments to facilitate active learning
iii) promoting and disseminating the use of personal and group learning activities alongside employability and skills development with special relevance to mobile devices

 Project evolution

Since 2013, this unique collaboration across institutions and disciplines has remained active with a small amount of funding from the British Ecological Society (BES). EFL shares its wide range of teaching, pedagogic and research experience in Higher Education; notably promoting active learning using mobile devices and web-based applications in field settings.  EFL is additional to our ‘normal’ teaching and research academic roles, none of the team have academic development backgrounds.


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