showcase2012-7This section of the website brings together resources and information you may find useful if fieldwork is part of your teaching.

A wide range of resources are included, from papers and case studies to news articles and apps. We have also divided them into two sections – Beginner and Advanced.


Already undertaking fieldwork as part of a course? Thinking about introducing new methods and new technology into your fieldwork? Perhaps considering remote access to a fieldwork site? These resources could give you some ideas.

The Fieldwork Audit tool has been designed to allow you to examine and develop current fieldwork practice by highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Working through the questions, scoring the answers and discussing the outcome with colleagues enables you to reflect on aspects of good practice and identify where change might be needed.

The Case Studies available both on the website and in the book Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Using Mobile Technologies (2015, Springer Briefs) could give you some ideas.

How to Produce a Digital Story. Derek France and Kelly Wakefield (2011), Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 35 (4), 617-623.

You may also find some useful ideas on fieldwork practice in the research section of the website. For example the paper “The Future of Higher Education Fieldwork in Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences” looks at fieldwork provision and could give some thoughts on practices you may wish to introduce into your fieldwork.

If you have been changing your fieldwork practice you may be interested in sharing your experiences or seeing how others have undertaken pedagogical research into fieldwork.